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Being the leading software engineering company in Albania one way of contributing to the Albanian ICT Community, was initiating a series of events, called ikubINFO TechTalks, during which we discuss important technological advancements that have the capacity to change the course of our daily and professional lives. Most of the topics we discuss on ikubINFO Techtalks are focused on Innovation and Technology. Our audience is made up of students, post-graduate students, technology professionals, and field experts.

Through TechTalks, we created a platform for tech experts, students, and everyone in between, to interact, share knowledge, and invite more relevant people in their network. We are happy with the feedback we get from our audience each time, and we always look forward to more of these events!

Our Latest ikubINFO Techtalks:

ikubINFO TechTalks - Applied Artificial Intelligence

During our 7th session of ikubINFO TechTalks, organized in collaboration with RISI Albania, Bloomberg Research Engineer Joana Iljazi shared cases of real-life AI applications, tangible insights, and results from leading companies leveraging AI to solve concrete problems. We also discussed the latest trends surrounding this exciting innovative technology, and the first steps that need to be taken in starting a new career in AI.
Joana Iljazi has extensive experience, having worked as an Applied Scientist at Microsoft, Deep Learning Researcher at Philips Lighting, and many more, with an impressive education background in the Data Science field.

ikubINFO TechTalks - Introduction to Blockchain. A new technology for a new world economy

In collaboration with RisiAlbania, we organized our 6th session of ikubINFO TechTalks series (Remote Edition). This time, we discussed everything Blockchain.

US-based field expert Ada Kokoshi, Vice President in the Digital Product and Innovation Development team at State Street Bank and Fintech Aficionado, gave us an overview of the history of Blockchain, three of the most popular types of Blockchain and how they differ from each other, as well as Blockchain in the International Finance Supply Chain context.

ikubINFO TechTalks - Introduction to Process Mining

This time, during our TechTalks event organized by ikubINFO in collaboration with RisiAlbania, we talked about ‘Introduction to Process Mining’.

Our speaker for this session was Dorina Bano, a Researcher Ph.D. Student at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Berlin, with many years of experience in computer science.

Dorina talked about Process Mining, a set of techniques in the field of business process management based on event logs. During the session, we had the opportunity to view concrete study examples, live demos related to process mining, etc.

ikubINFO TechTalks - Introduction to Web Scraping with Python

During this session, organized in collaboration with RISI Albania, we addressed the topic of Web Scraping through Python.

Our speaker for this session, Fatjon Gërra, introduced to us various examples of code used for Web Scraping, the “Scrapy” framework for more advanced Scraping, legal issues related to Web Scraping, as well as a Q&A at the end where our audience had the chance to interact with the speaker.

IkubINFO TechTalks – Geometry of Testing

It is important that every software project, new or existing, has a testing strategy. This is due to the complexity that characterizes these projects. These are tests that are written by developers within the code, while writing a functionality, and are two processes closely integrated with each other.According to Guido Cota, our speaker for this event, it is harmful to not practice testing at all, but it is even more futile to have useless and weak tests. He introduced different types of software testing, such as unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, UI tests, etc., explaining how each type of testing, as well as each different approach to the writing of these tests, adapts to different projects.

Introduction to artificial intelligence and its practical uses

In this session, we were introduced to the practical use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, starting from the general development, and moving on to the experiences that our guests will share with the participants.

Our speaker for this session was Joana Iljazi, who at the time held the role of Data Scientist in the Microsoft MSAI Search and Relevance team.

We had the opportunity to talk to Joana about the best practices, to start the technical deepening in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

ikubINFO TechTalks - Layered Application Design

This was our first ever TechTalks session, during which we went over the architectural building blocks of modern .NET applications. We discussed layers, plugins, and inversion of control as some of the most important concepts used today.

We outlined the advantages and disadvantages of layered applications and built a demo application during the presentation, using the layered approach to demonstrate how such principles can be implemented in real life.

ikubINFO TechTalks

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