Corporate social responsibility

ikubINFO is well aware of the diverse and challenging social and environmental problems we all face today. Through a series of actions and initiatives, our company proves its commitment to contribute for a better society and healthier environment.

Our Company actively acts and participates in several humanitarian initiatives by making an effort to support relevant organizations and socially vulnerable groups.

Activities at ikubINFO

Earthquake activity

In 26th  of November 2019, when a strong earthquake hit Albania and caused major physical, material, health, and psychological damages to many people living in the affected areas, ikubINFO’s entire staff  was engaged in providing aid to people affected by this natural disaster.
Apart from direct aid to individuals and families affected by the earthquake, ikubINFO has also donated 40,000+ EURO to the Civil Emergency Directory.
While the challenges faced in managing the consequences of the earthquake were extraordinary, ikubINFO hopes that the contributions made by individuals, businesses, and organizations, will alleviate this extremely difficult situation.

Breast cancer awareness month

During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, ikubINFO company organizes some awareness activities for its employees, offering them attention and support, treatment, and aids to the disease. Dr. Anila Aliko, who is our official company doctor, organizes information sessions to teach staff women about their care, as well as preventative measures or check-ups, which minimize the risk tremendously.

Orphanage Contribution

When it comes to children, and especially those without parental care, everyone has an empathy that goes beyond what we might feel in our everyday life. ikubINFO in 2015, together with its staff have tried to support the ‘Sauk Orphanage’ in need at the end of the year holidays, turning this empathy into concrete actions, in order to offer a few better conditions. In the funds raised by the staff, and with an investment of the ikubINFO company, the orphanage was equipped with a refrigeration room.

Earth day in ikubINFO

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Even our company ikubINFO is aware of its responsibility and obligation in protecting the Earth. In 2014 ikubINFO employees contribute with activities focused on service and nature protection. Our staff took care of cleaning the garden territories in the city of Tirana as well as contributed to the planting of trees and flowers.


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