Quality management systems empower ikubINFO to maintain and improve quality, client satisfaction, and financial performance. Quality standards and guidelines act as a basis for our company to institutionalize and improve internal operating procedures. Our company’s commitment and involvement to Quality are unique in Albania. We have a dedicated team, focused on Standards Implementation and Quality Management which guarantees to keep our standards high and service delivery with excellence. We work based on our Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS), acknowledged by 8 international standards:
ikubINFO is capable of delivering services that accomplish the expectations, requirements, and specifications of the customers, through an effective application of this system, which understands the improvement and continuous insurance of quality, during the internal and external operation processes.
ikubINFO continually applies, maintains and improves an efficient approach for managing sensitive information while ensuring security. It involves IT resources, processes and systems, by applying risk management processes and ensuring their proper management.
ikubINFO has an implemented service delivery system that plans, implements, operates, monitors, controls and maintains effectively, the portfolio of services and their quality. In this way, it ensures the fulfillment of our clients’ requirements, in accordance with their conditions and specifications, with time and capacity.
This standard demonstrates that we have good practice in global risk management, legally on a regulatory basis, and in partnerships with our existing clients, prospective clients, or stakeholders. ikubINFO is confident that its recovery plans are effective, and the impact of any event is cost and change management. This standard confirms and reinforces market reputation.
ikubINFO ensures that the performance of the work environment is maintained through the value of the environment, the company, and the stakeholders. Consistency is ensured by the policies and managed system to achieve the objectives of the constantly improving workplace.
ISO 50001 ikubINFO works on the integrated energy management system with that of 9001 and 14001. This system offers a baseline of energy use and plans for continuous improvement of its performance. This standard rests on a framework that includes techniques combined with strategic management aspects.
ikubINFO, in accordance with the legal requirements of the Albanian state, and in combination with the requirements of the standard, provides a healthy and safe environment for our employees, visitors, or any other person in the workplace. This interdisciplinary field is maintained and supplemented through the interaction of medical entities, hygiene, public health, occupational safety, ergonomics, etc. ikubINFO manages this integrated system with daily business activities and demonstrating skills in managing and controlling OH&S risks.
PASS 99 demonstrates that ikubINFO systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 20000 and ISO 45001 are integrated with each-other. ikubINFO aims to strengthen our business focus, risk management, manage systems in harmony, reduce bureaucracies, and effective internal and external audits.


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