Some facts about ikubINFO

ikubINFO is the largest enterprise software engineering company in Albania.

Our company is led by passionate professionals and best leaders of the market
some of which have 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry.

We have the biggest group of senior software engineers who constantly support junior developers that want to professionally grow in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Using a 5-year strategy based on Balanced Score Card methodology we have gained technical and business maturity which ensures future stability.

Our work processes are built based on the most well-known international standards and methodologies making every single one of our employees highly competitive professionally with any other national or international professional.

We pay special attention to our Social Responsibility and our contribution to the IT community in Albania.

We use a wide range of the most up-to-date and well-known technologies.

We are a part of big and challenging projects from different industries which require enterprise-level application. This is creating more professional growth opportunity for our team and getting them familiarized with different business needs therefore making them more competitive in the market.

A wide variety of national and international clients
in the public and private sector.

Our company supports the initiatives of our employees providing them with special funds to develop their innovative projects.



Our company conducts periodic employee evaluations, based on transparent systems of professional assessment.


Our company promotes and funds professional certifications and trainings for our team.


Opportunity for professional growth following a defined career development plan, as well as involvement in different challenging projects, inside and outside of Albania.


We constantly invest in the development of our employees by acquiring new technologies, specializations, access to international training platforms, or participation in important seminars and conferences.


Each employee has their own Annual Performance Plan, built up by employees in collaboration with their supervisors, which is the core of their Annual Performance Assessment.


Full compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Albania

20 days of paid annual leave

40 hours of work per week, with extra payment for overtime

Flexibility in work schedule

Additional private health insurance

Financial Benefits

Our company offers the most competitive salary packages in the market, ranking in the top 5% of the highest-paying companies in the Information Technology Industry in Albania.

Each employee receives a 13th salary at the end of a calendar year.

Each employee receives an additional financial reward up to the value of a full monthly salary, based on their job performance.

We make sure to value and motivate employee engagement with several bonuses throughout the year.

Life at ikubINFO

  •  We promote collaboration with a strong team spirit, as well as open and transparent communication across all levels in our company.
  • We constantly organize different activities and events, in order to create a good work-life balance
  • We encourage a wide diversity in opinions, while strongly maintaining the professional and technical profile of the company
  • We constantly exchange ideas, and we encourage our staff to give us feedback on company development as well as employee development.
  • We have convenient work environments, in compliance with standards, positioned in the center of Tirana.
  • We support our team members and celebrate each others’ professional achievements.