Social Assistance System

Social Assistance System is an e-government system that electronically facilitates all steps related to the management of social assistanceincluding the applicationidentification of eligibilitydisbursement of fundsand auditingThrough the development of the Social Assistance SystemAlbania standardizedintegratedand converted its previously paper-based social assistance procedures into an electronic system.

The overall purpose of the Social Assistance Systemis to enhance effective usage of the government funds and eliminite cases of misusage within the social assistance schema, awell as nd to increase the transparency and quality of the services in the context of the reform for poverty alleviation. 
Citizens are currently registered for social assistance via SAS, where their information is corroborated with several government databases and data that is verified through a household v

Key Features

Administration of Social Assistance is the first component of Social Assistance module. Administration of Social Assistance contains subcomponents as below:

Administration of Social Assistance System
Document and Protocol management system
Incident Reporting System
Report Module
Integration and verification module
Audit Tracking Module
System Administration Module
Sub-system of audit and control of Social Assistance Service
The administration sub-system of complaints of winner or non-winners

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence module for the Social Assistance platform enables the financial management of processes for Social Services. This module administers the MIS payment system. Establishment of a multifunctional Data Warehouse database coupled with the required applications, such as BI tools accompanying DWH standard elements, are able to improve economic aid reporting systems and to automate the monitoring and auditing processes based on risk analysis. The realization of this subsystem has improved and strengthen on-line monitoring standards based on unified factors and risk analysis.

Risk Monitoring, Evaluation and Analysis Module – The overall purpose of this module consists on generating program performance information from using Business Intelligence techniques which strengthen information analysis through forecasting, modulation, storage, visualization of data and advanced statistical analysis. The data analysis focus on the beneficiary registration, payments and use of program funds, families that are extended from the program, impact on poverty levels etc. The system generates reports in graphs, dashboards and charts.

The IPS Integrated Payment System has three main functionalities: administration of accounting accounts, budget administration and payment administration. Integrate Payment System for Social Assistance meets the general and functional principles of a system of accounting and finance for public administration.
According to the realization of IPS for Social Assistance, Ministry of Health and Protection in Albania in collaboration with State Social Service are able to manage the full scheme of Social Assistance System.

About the project

Company: Ministry of Health and Protection

Industry: Public Sector

Location: Albania

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