Road Patrol

Modern and Simple Patrolling Solution

Road Patrol is a solution for municipalities to improve road inspection, facilitating the collection of deficiencies, and ensuring compliance with municipal standards, easily customizable for different jurisdictions.

We are currently selling this product directly to the Canadian market, and are already piloting with two municipalities

Key Features

Road Patrol integrates with ArcGIS Online account to enable patrollers to use mobile application for capturing and storing deficiencies while assisting supervisors to monitor live operations and to generate compliance reports.

  • Web-based dashboard monitoring real-time patrolling operations and rich reports of inspected roads and road deficiencies.
  • Mobile Application of Road Patrol is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Setup is extremely fast, easy and there is no need for servers, software and databases.
  • Our solution generates reports on required repairs, patrol history, and municipal compliance.

Technology stack: Xamarin Forms; ArcGIS .net; Python; Postgre SDL; SQLite; Azure; Docker.

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