Public Procurement

The Electronic Procurement System is a digitalized e-system for the management of the Public Procurement Procedures in Albania.

The Electronic Procurement System covers all activities of public procurement lifecycle, and offers new services through e-Albania portal and mobile platforms. This system has improved processes with quality, consistency and compliance with European Commission Standards, by raising the monitoring and safety of the system to a higher level.

Key Features

The Electronic Procurement System  is very flexible and easy to accommodate new requirements due to the Service-Oriented-Architecture. It comprises the following functional modules:

Management of the whole public procurement cycle

Bidding Module
User Management Module
Integrated messaging module
Forecast and execution register module
Reporting Module
Tracking Audit module
Archive SystemBusiness Intelligence System (BI)
Subscription Service in E-Albania
Established Business Continuity

The Public Procurement Portal is an interactive platform  especially for external users (anonymous) who require public information on the legislation, notices and, above all, announcement of tenders. It comprises the following functional modules:

Website Administration Tools
Content Management System
Content Creation Tools (HTML Editor)
Keyword-based Search
SQL Search

The APP Mobile Application is an application for smartphones, especially for external users as anonymous visitors and registered users. Its main functionalities are Browsing and Bidding for the procedure “Small Value Purchases”.


  • As stated in the report of the usage of EPS made by Millennium Challenge Corporation Albania Threshold Program II (MCCA2), administered by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) this system has dramatically increased the competition in public tenders and reduced the government expenses.
  • This system follows e-Procurement standards of the European Commission for member countries.
  • According to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development assessment, e-Procurement system of Albania offers Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Competition, Economy of the process, Efficiency of public contracts, Proportionality, Uniformity, Stability, Flexibility, and Enforceability.
  • United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (UNDESA) gave Public Procurement Agency of Albania the second prize in Europe to develop an electronic procurement platform for its contribution to improving transparency, accountability, and credibility in the public service.
  • According to the Annual Report of 2018 published by the Public Procurement Agency public procurement in 2018 accounted for about 7,8 % of GDP and managed € 1,063,110,149.
  • As reported by KPMG audit controls, Electronic Procurement System meets International Quality Standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ITIL and COBIT.
  • As stated in the annual report by Albanian Public Procurement Agency, this system manages 33.000+ public procurements anually.
  • According to the Annual Report of 2018, the system has 270.000+ real-time users.

About the project

  • Company: Public Procurement Agency
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Location: Albania
  • Technology stack:.Net, C#, (Umbraco CMS), SQL Server 2016, Enterprise Edition, SSIS SQL Server Integration Services, SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services, Java Script, CSS, Html5, AngularJS, Redis Database, Codename One
  • Duration:
    First Development Phase : 2007-2009
    Second Development Phase: July 2016 – April 2017
    Maintenance:  2009 – ongoing
Project portfolio


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