One-Stop-Shop Information System - STAR 2

This electronic system is designed and developed with the support of international partners, to ensure functionality of the municipalities so that local administrative and service delivery outcomes are effective, qualitative, participatory and inclusive.

OSSIS ensures a more integrated, innovative, transparent, and accountable way of beneficiary of the citizens. It also provides operational and organizational support to the Minister of State institution to enable leadership and coordination of this assistance.

Key Features

The OSSIS platform consists of the following main components:  

LGU Services Catalogue is a core module of OSSIS system that provides all the required functionalities to administer the catalogue of the service. Service Catalogue is implemented as part of the OSSIS Core system and administers all metadata of the services, services workflow configuration, provides case management functionality and allows interfacing with 3rd party systems, such as e-government platform through Government Gateway. 

Integration layer is one of the most significant component of OSSIS. This system is integrated with Government Gateway Platform. Currently OSSIS is integrated with: 

Government Gateway Platform 
Municipalities’ accounting system
Municipalities’ web portal
SMS Platforms 

Business Intelligence and reporting is another important component that provides the tools to measure key performance indicators and ensures reporting tools required for operational management of municipalities 

Auditing module provides auditing reports for all activities related to OSSIS and all of the interactions with third party agents, such as external systems and ensures that all users’ activities within the system are tracked and stored. 

Digital Signing provides Key Performance Indicators Services for identification and digital signing of employees of the municipalities and the citizens.  

Monitoring module provides a graphic user interface to monitor software components of the OSSIS, including its application servers, Database Management System, load balancers and other components. It also ensures flexible configuration enabling to add new system components.  


According to United Nation Development Program there are 7,004 recorded transactions in the One Stop Shop Information System from December 2018 to June 2019.

As stated in UNDP Annual Rapport STAR 2: 

  • One stop shop information system provides 1,296 services to citizen in all municipalities. 
  • Star 2 offers more than 76 administrative services. 
  • There are 3,250 municipal staff members that have participated and contributed in capacity building activities for OSSIS. 

About the project

Company: ikubINFO 

Industry: Public Sector  

Location: Albania 

Technology stack:  .Net; C#; (Umbraco CMS); SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition; SSIS SQL Server Integration Services; SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services; Java Script, CSS, Html5.

First Development Phase : 2017- 2018
Second Development Phase: 2018  2019
Warranty and Maintenance:  2018  2020 

Project portfolio


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