Albania Public Administration and Collaboration Platform

Albanian Public Administration and Collaboration platform is developed and designed for government institutions to organize, archive and publish their documents securely in a centralized system administrate.al. The overall purpose of  the Albania Public Administration and Collaboration Platform is to improve and facilitate the communication and interaction between public administration institutions.

It is a centralized software program that performs two logically separate functions: the public portal and the intranet portal. The public portal serves for the publication of information, job offers and other materials useful to the public, while the intranet portal serves the employees of organizations and human resource departments to communicate internally, share information and gather feedback.

The system has three main user groups: general public, registered users and civil servants who turn to central, local or independent government institutions.

Key features

The physical architecture is composed of two web servers, two application servers, two search servers, tow Distributed Cash Servers, and two SQL Server 2014 with Windows Server 2012 R2.

The web servers and even the application servers are connected via a physical load balancer, while the SQL servers are configured in a High Availability Group.


According to the annual report of The Crosscutting Public Administration Reform strategy, the Public Administration and Collaboration platform has

  • Improved the functionalities of human resources departments of Local Government Units in Albania
  • Strengthened the evaluation of civil services processes
  • Improved and standardized the control and maintenance of Public Administration documents
  • Facilitated the process of data collecting for each public institution employee

About the project

  • Client: Department of Public Administration
  • Beneficiary: Central government institutions, local governments units, and other independent public institutions
  • Partners: European Commission
  • Technologies:Windows Server 2016; SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition; SharePoint Server 2016; ASP.NET Web Forms; HTML, jQuery 1.9.0, SharePoint Client Object Model; SSRS
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