What do we offer

Our developers have many years of experience developing web applications, mobile and desktop. We offer the best solution based on customer requirements using our experience in the private and public sectors in Albanian and foreign market. ikubINFO is a company specialized in building systems based on customer requirements, we are accustomed to working under time pressure and in complex projects that require the involvement of a large number of people.

Integration services can help organizations realize an IT architecture that is able to achieve real time process integration between its disparate applications, while allowing end-to-end automated business processes. ikubINFO has years of experience in integrating diverse systems, applications, and platforms. Our team brings to the table expert software engineers with the domain expertise to help customers define the requirements for an effective solution and suggest industry best practices. Our approach has enabled us to execute effective, large-scale projects from conceptualization to implementation, from public sector to private sector. ikubINFO integration services are mostly based in Microsoft Technologies (BizTalk) through ESB platforms.).

The Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) offers a unified platform for your documental and archival needs and for your organization and administration of work and document exchange processes. EDRMS has a very flexible workflow system, which can be easily customized for your work processes, at the same time offering a wide array of standard functionalities as:

  • Paper documents protocol
  • Electronic documents protocol
  • Records and archive management
  • Physical archive management
  • Transformation of documents to records
  • Managements of institutions and offices
  • Event registration and auditing
  • Reports, etc…
  • ikubINFO offers its EDRMS solution in two different technologies: SharePoint and Oracle(Nuxeo).

IT Outsourcing is the right solution for any company that is interested in becoming more efficient by reducing costs and having the possibility to choose from a pool of best technologies and professionals, without being necessary to establish an IT department. 

ikubINFO is your competent partner for planning and implementing powerful, dependable and scalable web portal solutions. We specialize in creating portal solutions using different technologies:

  • SharePoint
  • Web Assembler
  • .NET
  • Java

Our specialists have a deep understanding and analysis of business processes, user needs, existing technologies, portal platforms and available portal features. ikubINFO has developed some of the most useful portals of the Public Administration in Albania. Our portals provide 24/7 information to the citizens, business and public institutions. ikubINFO portal specialists work with the client during each phase of web portal development – from planning and design to configuration, deployment, testing, user trainings and portal maintenance.


The efficient management of the geospatial data is becoming important day by day in the framework of a private company or public institution. The dedicated team of GIS provides to all customers a full range of services:

  • Software applications for GIS
  • Digital information for topographic maps of Albania
  • Production of digital information
  • Transformations of coordinative systems for digital data
  • Production of any type of thematic map
  • Creation and management of digital terrain models (DEM)
  • 3D Model analysis
  • Structuring and creation of spatial databases
  • Analysis for spatial and non-spatial data
  • Consulting

To maintain the functionality and systems eficensy, ikubINFO offers a full range of services in maintenance to keep the system updated at any time. Maintenance services ensure efficient 24/7 operation of all systems built by our company. ikubINFO has set up a dedicated team for the systems Maintenance, which helps users with technical assistance.

"ikubINFO Academy" is a 3-6 months training program for students, through which the company aims to develop the programming skills of ikubINFO candidates with methodologies and technologies that represent “state-of-the-art” in global software development industry and after hiring them. The company is assisting students with the expertise of its best specialists during the professional development process, as well as provide them with studying premises and all other necessary materials indispensable for the respective professional development. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups, to solve concrete tasks and to be certified in Microsoft and Java technologies.For more information click here