Our main services

ikubINFO provides value-added solutions to high-profile customers in the public and private sector, including Central Government, Local Government, Finance, Welfare, Healthcare, Transportation.

Software Engineering

ikubINFO provides full-cycle system engineering services, from analyzing to designing complex matters and systems, through implementation, integration, and maintenance. Our on-demand software products an projects have been recognized by our clients and partners for their functionality, usability, reliability and efficiency.

System Integration

Our holistic approach to technology makes us the ideal partner for integration & consolidation services, from the infrastructure level to business applications and vertical solutions. We offer enterprise integration services that help businesses, their customers, and employees become more connected to the most current digital experiences.

Project Management

We serve our customers by successfully delivering our projects, and we accomplish this only through effective and efficient project management. We rely on the best project management paradigms, standards, and framework and adjust them in accordance with the project type and its needs.


Due to our proven software development processes, ikubINFO offers high-quality support, maintenance and enhancement services at a reduced cost. We offer a full cycle of IT software maintenance & support services to ensure useful enhancements and optimization steps.

GIS- Geographical Information System

ikubINFO’s expertise in GIS-based software development allows us to create customized GIS mapping solutions for many different industries. Our team’s comprehensive experience with software development and GIS systems provide the necessary background needed to discern how a GIS software product and service can positively impact the business requirements of an organization.

Data Migration & Optimization

IkubINFO ensures the implementation of efficient and reliable ETL pipelines in every step of the way, in order to provide a successful migration of your valuable data. Our experts use thorough, risk-averse migration plans for manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation.

Cloud Computing

ikubINFO provides cloud computing services & support, as we help your business migrate to the cloud, and to achieve real business value. We have an expertise in cloud computing components, which can guide your business into migrating in the cloud, modernizing your existing environment, and ensuring security and compliance.

Technology Research

At ikubINFO, we constantly invest in experimenting with new technologies and through various project implementations put these technologies to good use for the benefit of our clients and partners. Our current interests include data analytics, big data, serverless, microservices, reactive programming, IoT, progressive web apps, DEVOPS and platforms like SAS, Azure Devops, AWS.

Training Academy

ikubINFO Academy is an innovation-driven center focused on professional training, mentoring and entrepreneurship.
With our experience and maturity, followed by multiple success stories, ikubINFO Academy leads with dedication, professionalism, opens the routes of the employment of its students, and helps them climb the ladders of your career.