EDRMS - Enterprise Document and Record Management System

EDRMS, stands for Electronic Document Record Management System, which is an electronic solution for the administration of electronic as well as paper documents and records in a centralized location.         

The overall purpose of EDRMS is to increase the quality of the processing of documents in institutions by providing real-time tracking of the document and reducing various delays or obstacles throughout the process. This system manages all the electronic and paper documents throughout its life cycle from creation to disposal. It is an integrated platform that allows users to capture, process, and view documents.

EDRMS is used by the Albanian government, practiced by 14 ministries and by the prime minister’s office. Approximately 2000 employees use this system to create and store their daily documents.

Key features

The main components of the system are:

  • Electronic document management component for storing and managing all documents that users create on a daily basis.
  • Electronic record management component for managing records which can be created by office users or by the protocol office.
  • Input and output protocol management component for managing incoming and outgoing protocols.
  • Task management component for managing user tasks.
  • User management component for managing the permissions for each office user.
  • Component of generating statistics and reports for generating statistics and reports.
  • System administration component for managing the content type hub or managing the search center.


EDRMS is designed with a three-layer architecture that has specific functionalities. The platform is based entirely on Microsoft products such as SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014.
Given that the system has as its primary purpose the management of documents and the application of workflows for the delegation and processing of these documents, it was deemed appropriate to use the SharePoint 2016 platform, which is a Microsoft product that offers all the functionalities for document management, workflow construction, integration with AD for user authentication in the system.


  • EDRMS is provided in Albania and in Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • This system is practiced by 14 ministries and by the prime minister’s office.
  • EDRMS is used by 2000 + employees that create and store their daily documents.

About the project

  • Client: AKSHI, Bank of Albania
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Technology: SharePoint, Asp.NET, jQuery, C#, SQL Server, WCF, SharePoint Workflows
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