• Sergey Chapkey - President and Ceo of dotGov Solutions LLC

    “We have been working with the ikubINFO team since 2007. As partners on over a dozen national-scale projects, we have learned to respect and admire their creativity, agility, extensive technical expertise, rigorous project management discipline, great sense of responsibility and attention to every customer's need, no matter how small. On every project, the ikubINFO team consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality results, often ahead of schedule, never exceeding the budget. These guys have a talent for keeping their customers happy! ”

  • Vincent Pageron - Head of International Projects Department - CSI Piemonte


    “CSI Piemonte had the opportunity to implement a EuropeAid project in Albania in partnership with Infosoft and IkubINFO in 2012 and 2013. 
    The project had a wide scope including hardware delivery, government interoperability technologies setup, eServices and EDRMS development. 
    In this context, ikubINFO has demonstrated to be a very reliable and professional partner, on both business and technical points of view, perfectly adapted to the management of international tenders.  ikubINFO has a solid long term business vision, oriented to the permanent enhancement of its Customers IT Services, and brings professionality, rigor and flexibility at management and operational levels.”



    “Because of a very positive experience with ikubINFO regarding the development of a SharePoint EDRMS in Albania, CSI Piemonte decided to outsource to ikubINFO the implementation of an EDRMS in order to manage the processes of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a complex institutional context, ikubINFO demonstrated once again its business reliability and provided successfully its professional services. ”

  • Eduard Seewald - Managing Director - wedoIT solutions GmbH

    “wedoIT-solutions GmbH highly appreciates the cooperation with ikubINFO that lasts for several years by now.

    We found this company to be an excellent partner because of its technical excellency, reliability, commitment and trustworthiness.

    We also appreciate the fact that ikubINFO shares our philosophy of client orientation which contributes widely to the success of our projects. It will be our pleasure to keep this excellent working relationship up in the future.” 

  • Herbert Liebl - Managing Director - Qualysoft GmbH

    “One of the biggest challenges during the implementation of the e-Taxation project for the Albanian Government was to find a strong and reliable local partner that would fulfill our demanding requirements in terms of technological knowledge as well as professional approach to this large international project.



      With ikubINFO we found exactly such a partner who satisfied these demands and acted over the complete project period and beyond as a reliable and professional partner” 

  • Helge Onsrud - Director - Norwegian Mapping Authority – International Services Centre for Property Rights and Development

    Support of ikubINFO to Norwegian funded project on establishing a new mapping authority for Albania (ASIG)


     ”During the implementation of the Norwegian-funded project with ASIG, ikubINFO won two contracts in competitive bidding;

     Firstly, IkubINFO, and  in a very short time, developed the first Geoportal to ASIG, which was crucially important to show the importance of a functioning mapping authority.

     Secondly, ikubINFO won a contract to make the inventory of existing geographic information in Albania for possible publication on the Geoportal.

     I am happy to state that ikubINFO in both cases did an excellent job, delivering in time and with results in full compliance with the contracts.” 

  • Scott N. Carlson - Director at Chemonics International

     "While a Director at Chemonics International, I had the distinct pleasure to work with Romeo Sherko and his team at ikubINFO Ltd. I can say without reservation that it was a genuine pleasure to work with this team. Throughout an extraordinarily complicated project, which involved designing, building, testing, and deploying, several e-government systems, this team was focused, professional, and results-driven. They delivered a quality work product. Given the chance, I would work with ikubINFO Ltd. again with enthusiasm."