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  1. Zhvillim dhe analize software
    • Zhvillime Software per web dhe desktop
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    • Zhvillim database
    • Zhvillime produktesh software
  2. Portale Web
  3. Sistem elektronik per menaxhimin e dokumentave, rekordeve dhe protokollit
  4. Shërbime Integrimi
  5. Sherbime GIS
  6. Menaxhim Projektesh
  7. Sherbime Mirembajtje
Fushat e Biznesit
ikubINFO ofron sherbime dhe zgjidhje ne sektorin publik dhe privat
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  • Kosove
Metodologjite e Ndjekura

Ne punojme me metodologjite Agile dhe Iterative per te menaxhuar projektet dhe ekipet e zhvillimit. Ne kete menyre permbushim ne menyre eficente nevojat dhe kerkesat e klienteve



Cooperation Models
  1. Fixed Price
    A project that has a very well defined scope, we provide an estimate for the time and efforts based on the requirements and then we can agree on a price for a project. Additional features, new requirements and changes that were not discussed at the beginning of the project are treated as change request and are subject to additional negotiations and payments In this case we involve a Senior Project Manager or Team Leader, either for Agile or waterfall development projects to maintain the technical part of the project. ikubINFO assigns every PM in accordance with our client’s profile and with project specifications. This is to insure you work with someone who’s qualified to go many steps further from simply assigning tasks competently. Our team will be comprised of developers with different levels of expertise (junior, middle and senior), team-leader and tester. Also, we appoint a Key Account Manager for non-technical aspects of the project: - Update Project Control Book with plans and artifacts; - Financial aspects; - Discussion about change requests, etc.

  2. Time and material
    If the scope of the project, time frame or specifications are not very clear at the beginning of the work or the client thinks that there may be needed changes and modifications during the development phase, we may go for the time and material option, where we provide our developers with different competence and skill level (junior, middle and senior levels), team leader and tester. In this case the client will pay for the hours spend on the project based on the development reports. Also, we involve a Senior Project Manager who understands very well the clients’ needs. The PM requests the clients’ feedback on one function before having the team proceed to develop the next, to insure the project is in full-compliance with clients’ requirements. We also appoint a Key Account manager for non-technical aspects of the project: Update Project Control Book with plans and artifacts, financial aspects, discussion about change requests, etc. ikubINFO provides the technical tools the clients need to make sure the project stays on track.

  3. Dedicated Team
    We can provide a virtual extension of your development team with a dedicated team of our own, where you will take responsibility for providing our team with the agreed workload and also for their idle hours if any. Mostly due to efficiency-related reasons, we appoint someone with Senior level to be the interface with the Client: Team Leader, Project Manager or Key Account Manager. This means the client enjoy full project-reports and control over what happens and when, without having to waste time on tedious micro-management tasks Our people have all got excellent language skills, so there’re no miscommunication-related delays coming from your team. Since our team will be comprised of developers with different levels of expertise (junior, middle and senior), we can also come up with an average hourly rate which takes that into account.

  4. Mix
    We are flexible of using mixes of the models that we just mentioned, as well as models that you might suggest depending on the particular projects.