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Welcome to ikubINFO Academy

Welcome to ikubINFO Academy. 

We have opened again the registrations for ikubINFO Academy.

If you are thinking when is the deadline for application, don’t you worry, registrations are opened during the whole year.

If you are a university student wanting to prepare yourself for the market or you are a professional who wants to go deeper or learn new technology trends, ikubINFO Academy is the right choice.

What we offer, which makes us unique from the others, is:

  • Software development 360-degree overview
  • Real life scenarios
  • Experienced lecturers
  • Object-oriented design and patterns
  • Data access technologies
  • Technology trends

Start your professional career here at ikubINFO Academy, trust in our experience, and you will be ready for either Albanian or European market.

ikubINFO Academy is already accredited by Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

Let’s get on board:

  1. Application Phase:
    1. Fill google form application
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Birthday
      4. School/University
      5. Year of study
      6. Email address
      7. Phone number
  2. Preselection Phase:
    1. ikubINFO Academy will check your profile and select potential candidates for the program.
    2. You will be notified by email whether you have been selected or not.
    3. In case you have been selected to be part of the program, in the following days you will undergo a placement test to measure the level of competence, to be included in the proper courses.
    4. Details about the test will be part of this confirmation email.
  3. Placement test:
    1. Test will be organized at ikubINFO Academy offices.
  4. Interview
    1. After successfully completing the placement test, we will organize a face-to-face meeting with one of ikubINFO academy mentors.
  5. Welcome aboard


Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/tn2bmHNORDweKLJY2

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