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    Until 2020, ikubINFO Ltd. will be:
    The leader company in Albania for the development of eGovernment software solutions;
    The Company with highest quality standards in fulfilling the ever increasing requirements for software development in international markets.



    ikubINFO performs:

    • All activities for the development and maintenance of application software;
    • implementation of database systems, middleware, BI, Data Warehouse, and other platforms
    • management of ICT projects and services
    consulting activities and specialized training
    • activities of selling software products and services and ICT equipment

    • employing a professional staff;
    • using Microsoft and Java technologies
    • ensuring high quality in accordance with contemporary standards of software
    • a transparent communication with staff, contractors, customers, partners (professionalism, ethics, civility)
    • Clean the competition rules, creating serious relationships with prominent partners in the field of ICT, etc.
    • ensuring an adequate diversification of activities

    • meeting the needs of the market for the above services
    Albanian public sector, but with phased expansion in neighboring countries
    • Financial sector (Banking and Insurance)
    • telco sector (mobile, fixed, ISP)
    • the energy sector



    • We DO deliver on Time and at the Highest Quality
    • We DO NOT compromise with Professionalism and Ethics
    • Good Staff is crucial to Company’s success
    • We create Friendly Environment for all staff, partners, and clients
    • Promoting success and professional development of employees

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